Welcome to Accualaser Plastic Surgery Asscociates

Welcome to Accualaser Plastic Surgery Associates, one of the premier plastic surgery practices just outside of Texas. We are a group of Board Certified plastic and aesthetic surgeons. Our mission? We strive to make sure our patients feel good about their appearance through safe, effective reconstructive procedures. It is our distinct pleasure to offer you first-rate plastic surgery procedures within our technologically advanced facility at extremely affordable prices.
Plastic Surgery is an art form, and it is one we are well trained for. Since 1996, we have been offering advanced aesthetic procedures that give our patients new, contoured, and enhanced forms.Our offices are located at Nuevo Progreso, Mexico, and our Plastic Surgery Center is located within Hospital Los Lagos in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Our exceptional services and low prices attract patients from across the Rio Grande Valley, San Antonio, Houston and throughout the greater United States, and from across the globe.Because your wellbeing is our first priority, we not only offer safe and effective procedures, but full services for medical tourists. We provide our patients with a healthcare travel facilitator who is ready and able to assist you in your journey. And there’s no need to worry about language barriers: we employ caring, qualified, and bilingual staff members.

We offer all of the reconstructive procedures you are looking for. From liposuction to breast augmentation, from facelifts to tummy tucks, our surgeons are ready to make you feel better about the way you look. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Jose Luis Villareal
Dr. Jose Luis Villareal
Carlos Vergara
Dr. Carlos Vergara
Mauricio Vergara
Dr. Mauricio Vergara
Our Accualaser plastic surgeon (Dr.Jose Luis Villareal) is a board certified plastic surgeon that performs today most sufiticate cosmetic procedures. His 25 years of experience in plastic surgery give to all patients and extraordinary results. In the other hand our Aesthetic Doctors Dr. Carlos Vergara M.D. & Dr.Mauricio Vergara M.D work with all our patients before and after procedures. We know that plastic surgery in combination with aesthetic medicine give you that excellent change that you are looking for. Our well trained staff will help you during all the process.WE INVITE YOU TO CALL TO OUR PLASTIC SURGERY OFFICES AT:(956)225-3164 AND SCHEDULED YOUR PERSONAL CONSULTATION.
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