promotions and prices

Botox (lifetime membership) 150.00 dls
Blefaroplasty (eyelid surgery)
top and bottom
2,300.00 dls
Restiline (filler) 280.00 dls
Lip filler 300.00 dls
Rinoplasty (nose surgery) 2,300.00 dls
(cellulite treatment)
25.00 dls
Microdermabrasion 45.00 dls
Mini Facial 40.00 dls
Medical Faciald 65.00 dls
Facial reguvination 85.00 dls
Face lifting 6,500.00 dls
Mini Face Lifting 3,500.00 dls
Chin Implant 2,200.00 dls
Adipose Stem Cell 4,000.00 dls
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